Conférence internationale organisée à Nairobi (Kenya) les 27, 28 & 29 Octobre 2014


Message from the Organizing committee on the security issue in Nairobi

After consultation with various embassies in Nairobi, and following the meeting at the French embassy, it was observed that there are no major security threats in most parts of Nairobi, and especially in Karen area where the CUEA is located. There are currently no restrictions for visitors coming to Kenya, by the Embassies of USA, UK, France and EU countries, Canada, and many others.

The general security is good in Nairobi when considering the significant reduction of terrorism incidence in the recent past. The access to and from the JKIA airport is safe.

Although the US and UK embassies will decrease the number of resident staff to limit their exposure, this is perceived as only a cautionary measure. These two embassies continue to organize international conferences in Nairobi without any limitation. The American ambassador, Bob Godec, has still confirmed it to the French ambassador recently.

France has not changed its stand for residents and visitors but watches closely the safety of its citizens and recommends the adherence to the advices given to travellers published on the Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) websites regarding the zones (red, orange, and yellow).

The main warning from all major embassies is to affirm the coastal area only as a “no go zone" for meetings/gatherings, and not recommended also for visits/touring. For Nairobi, the only areas considered at risk are some estates such as Eastleigh and Pangani and are regarded as non-residential places for expatriates. They are located on the further opposite of Karen that is considered to be in the yellow zone (no restriction).

The security message from the French Embassy is a reminder to normal security behaviour in Nairobi to avoid terrorist and “usual thuggery” risk, such as to limit as far as possible the presence in the public places frequented by the foreign nationals (shopping malls, bars, hotels) and to avoid the public demonstrations (sports events). The security messages from ICRAF (World Agroforestry Center in the UN area) where IRD is hosted, are of the same nature.

On the IRD side, there is no restriction to all the worldwide staff of IRD to come and go in and out of Kenya. All missions are authorized except in red and orange zones, which doesn’t concern Karen area. 

The security at the conference is increased considering that the conference and lodging will take place in the same area inside the campus of the CUEA (no transport), during the whole conference.

The participants will be picked up at the airport (high security place) at their arrival and released in the same secured place at the end of the conference.

The CUEA campus is truly secured by a reliable security company.

Like many other countries around the world, including USA and in Europe, Kenya is subject to thuggery and theft actions at certain hours and in certain well-known areas. Normal safe behaviour allows avoiding any risks of this kind.


Despite the security instructions are of high level, they are not different than usual in Nairobi, even if some tragic events occurred on the coast recently.

In this view there is no reason to date to modify the project of the conference to be held in Nairobi at the CUEA 

Signature : Alain Borgel, the IRD’s Director in Eastern Africa, and the SLAFCO Organizing Committee

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